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Class 10. Mr Lees & Mrs Panni

Teaching team:

Class 10 is a mixed year 5 and 6 class taught by Mrs Panni on a Monday and Tuesday and Mr Lees on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We are supported in class by Mrs Houlton and Mrs Brown.

Summer Term

English: Using the novel 'The Count of Monte Cristo' will help us to write our own pirate themed story.  We will also be creating our own instructions to build a pirate ship and other things that pirates do.

Topic: this term we will be finding out about Pirates, the life they led, laguage they used, famous pirates and important events that occured during the era of pirating.

Science: this term we will be looking at the properties and changes of materials.  there will be investigations to undertake and questions to be answered.

PE: kits are essential on Mondays and Thursday and Year 5 need to remember their swimming kits on Monday too.