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Class 10. Mr Lees and Mrs Mistry

Welcome to Class 10

Teaching team:

Mrs. Mistry, Mr. Lees and Mrs. Brown

Welcome to Class 10

The Summer term is going to be extremely busy and very exciting. After discovering how hard-working and enthusiastic the children in Class 10 are there are many challenges planned for them. 

This Term:

Our topic for the Summer term is the Victorians. We will be learning about the life, education and how life differs from now. We will also be linking our art work to the past.

In English we are going to be using a variety of stimulus to motivate the children with their writing from Horror stories to Street Child linked to the Victorians. A great deal of our writing will be focused around ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty.

In Mathematics we will continue to build on methods from last term as well as learning new ones. Our focus across the term is number and place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, decimals, percentages, measurement, statistics and shape. We cannot stress how vital it is to learn all times tables at a speed as that will support and strengthen the learning in all areas of Mathematics.

In Science our topic will be Forces and Sex Education. We will carry out many investigations, working individually and in teams. We will use and develop many skills as we become great Scientists!

PE kits are essential on Mondays and Thursdays. Our sports focus is athletics and swimming for year 5.