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Class 11. Mrs Bailey

Welcome to Class 11!

Mrs Bailey – Class Teacher

Mrs Houlton – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs G Brown – Learning Support Assistant

Learning Powers and our attitude to learning:

In Class 11 we are keen to promote Stonebow’s Learning Powers. These are perseverance, concentration, curiosity, cooperation, resilience and enthusiasm. We all try really hard each day to try and show that we are able to use these powers in our learning. As well as this, we ensure that we challenge ourselves and NEVER GIVE UP. We never say ‘we can’t do something’ we say ‘we can’t do it yet!’

Theme of the term:

The theme for our Summer term is The Victorians. We will be finding out lots of new information about The Victorian Era and the differences between life then compared to our lives now. In Science, our new topic is Forces. This is going to be an extremely fun and practical topic that we can really get our brains stuck into. Keep and eye on our website page for photos throughout out Victorian and Forces journey!

This term:

We have recently finished reading The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher - once again, thank you Ellis for your recommendation. We are now reading Street Child together as a class as this links in really well with our Victorian theme. We will see how it compares to our previous book!

English for this term will consist of lots of creativity and thinking based on poetry, spooky story writing, diary entries and much more. We've already starting acting out Victorian poetry together in groups.

Overall, we are a lovely class of 29 brilliant learning brains and strive to do our very best each and every day. We work hard, we play hard and we ensure that every day is a super day!