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Governing Body

The governing body is a group of volunteers who are committed to delivering the best education for the children of Stonebow.  We work together in providing a strategic direction for the school as well as acting as a critical friend and ensuring accountability. Our role involves monitoring and evaluating the work of the school and asking questions.

The governing body is made up of a mix of parent, community and staff representatives.  Parent and Staff Governors serve for a period of four years.

DGT = Director, Governor and Trustee.  MDGT = DGT plus also a Member.

Serving members for the school year 2016/17

Name Type Date Appt MDGT Position Attendance 15/16
Jane Fines Staff Ex Officio MDGT Retired July 2017 12/12
Tim Willson LA 8/10/15 MDGT Chair 10/12
John Hardwick Community 1991 DGT   6/9
Sue Bown Staff 13/03/16 DGT   8/8
Matthew Lickess Parent 01/10/14 MDGT Vice Chair 8/8
Susan Cunningham Staff 15/05/15 DGT Retired July 2017 8/8
Andy Travis Community 24/03/14 DGT SEN 5/8
Joanne Travis Roberts Community 28/11/15 DGT Link 6/8
Lee Sonde Parent 30/09/14 DGT   5/9
Elle Grabowski Parent 25/11/15 DGT   3/5
Daniel Grabowski Community 04/07/14 DGT   7/8
Peter Hayes Parent 25/11/15 DGT   4/5
Marie Donaghy Staff 26/09/14 DGT   6/9
Martin Lees Staff 28/11/16 DGT    
Paul Bown Community 01/10/16 DGT Finance chair  
Joanne Graham Parent 28/11/16 DGT    

    Finance and Resources Management Committee:

  • Paul Bown (Chair)
  • Jane Fines (Retired July 2017)
  • John Hardwick
  • Tim Willson
  • Lee Sonde
  • Andy Travis
  • Sue Bown
  • Martin Lees

  Pupils, Staff and Partnerships Committee:

  • Daniel Grabowski - Chair
  • Joanna Travis-Roberts
  • Jane Fines
  • Susan Cunningham (Retired July 2017)
  • Sue Bown
  • Marie Donaghy
  • Matthew Lickess
  • Peter Hayes
  • Joanne Graham