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Photos and Videos

May 2018

Year Two have been learning the French alphabet and practising a catchy song to help them to remember each letter.  We hope you enjoy it!





November 2017

Year One are enjoying their first half-term of French and are making fantastic progress.  We have been working on greetings and have learnt a catchy song to help us to remember our new vocabulary.  We have also been practising conversations in French using our own hand-made puppets.




To begin our topic about the body in Upper KS2 this term we focussed on vocabulary to name parts of the face, using our knowledge of French phonics to pronounce the words correctly.  We then had lots of fun labelling each other in French.







Summer Term 2017

To complete our work on the French alphabet this half-term, we recorded the song that we have been using to help us to remember the letter sounds.  

We hope that you enjoy it!



Spring Term 2017

Children in Year 2 have really enjoyed getting bossy this half-term, using imperative verbs to give instructions in French.  We used an action for each instruction to help us to remember it.  




Autumn Term 2016


Five children from Year 5 have been chosen to attend three Language Taster Days taking place across the year at the Loughborough Grammar School.   Over the three days Bronwyn, Freya, Charlotte, Isobel and Martha will get a 'taste' of six different languages and will sample foods from the relevant countries.  The first day went brilliantly, all of the girls had a great time, the food on offer being a particular highlight!


Congratulations to the winners of the Year One colouring competition who have each received a certificate, five house points and a special French pencil.  The winners are Isla Beresford, Katie Hayes, Kayla McKendrick, Oliver Christofi, Gracie Hughes and Alfie Turgoose.





​Children in Year One using their puppets to practise conversations in French


Spring Term 2016


Year 2 - Spring Term 2016

La chenille qui fait des trous

Art work inspired by Robert Delaunay

Above - Isabella, Molly and Freya (Year 4)

Below - James (Year 6) and Erin (Year 5)