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Whitby 2016 Diary

Day 1

We arrived in Whitby after a four hour coach journey excited to finally see the sea! After carrying our bags to the hostel we enjoyed our lunch in the hostel garden with great views over the harbour.

Soon after we made our way down to the town centre to Pannett Park, which was a great place to burn off some energy after the journey. The children enjoyed playing on the sea-themed park and after a couple of hours it was time to head back to the hostel and make out first journey up the one hundred and ninety nine steps!

Back at the hostel the children enjoyed their first evening meal before setting off back to the harbour for our first activity - crabbing. This was certainly the highlight of the day! Using lines and bacon for bait, the children waited in anticipation to meet their first crab. The experience was a real test of patience as there were no crabs in sight for some time. However, the children's perseverence paid off because we had a wave of success, with some children catching more than one crab and even a weever fish!

After crabbing we plodded back up the one hundred and ninety nine steps for the second time of the day, with the promise of a hot chocolate awaiting us at the top. It was Kai’s birthday so we sang and ate cake to celebrate! 

Day 2

Despite a late night on Wednesday, the children were all downstairs by 7.45, bright-eyed , bushy-tailed and bursting to go!  A deliciously filling breakfast (including a choice of cooked food, yoghurts, croissants, cereal and toast) was enjoyed by all, and set us up for the busy day ahead.

Our morning was spent at the youth hostel with Becca and Jonny, the YHA education team, who taught us all about the Vikings.  We split into two groups for the two activities.  One was a problem-solving puzzle in the garden, working in teams to build a Viking longboat, and the other was inside for a fascinating lesson on Viking weapons, where the children got to handle real artefacts, including a longbow, spear, shield and a sword - all under close supervision of course!

By the time we'd finished our picnic lunch in the garden, the sun was beginning to break through and we were ready for a short stroll to the beach, pausing for a yummy ice-cream on the way.  We had an amazing afternoon!  Becca and Jonny gave us instructions on fossil and jet hunting, and rock pooling, and then we were off!  What an eagle-eyed and determined bunch of children!  Lots of them found fine specimens of ammonite fossils embedded in the rocks, and fossilised tails.  The rockpooling too was a huge success - apart from the usual varieties of seaweed, we came across winkles, limpets, barnacles, sea anemones, crabs, and Miles and Lara even amazed Jonny by finding some very cute little hermit crabs, which Jonny said hadn't been found for years on this beach!

There was barely a dry pair of trainers or trousers to be seen as we made our way back into town, but no-one cared, after such a thrilling time discovering the secrets of the shore.

The children were keen to spend their money, and we found lovely shops with very obliging shopkeepers, who were happy to allow 55 Year 3 and 4 children to browse.

After another filling meal, Whitby's Got Talent came to the hostel with lots of children showcasing their talents. Following much deliberation between the judges, Lilly Laws and Scarlett Lavelle were crowned the champions for their fantastic singing and dancing medley.

Day 3

After another hearty breakfast at the hostel, the children packed their bags and Miss Merriman did a final room inspection for the tidiest room competition.

We then walked to Whitby Abbey to explore the ancient ruins. We began in the museum looking at the history of the abbey before going outside to wander around the ruins and find out more about the monks who once lived there.

The easterly breeze from the North Sea made it feel very cold, so after a while we returned to the hostel. The children ate their lunch in the conservatory and then we had a customary photoshoot of every group on the lawn outside the hostel before returning home on the coach.

The whole trip was a great success and the children were a credit to Stonebow. We look forward to the next one!