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Who's Who

Head Teacher Jane Fines
Deputy Head Teacher Martin Lees
Administration Team Jacqui Boldra (SBM),  Helen Betts,  Karen Stevenson and Alison Smith
Class 1 Foundation Kelly Devlin and Tracy Lee
Class 2 Foundation Marie Donaghy Leanne Brown and Julie Taylor
Class 3 Year 1 Jennie Pitchers and Jade Allan
Class 4 Year 1 Charlotte Logue Anabelle Vendy and Paula Hanley
Class 5 Year 2 Hazel Wood (Maths lead) and Rachael Sykes
Class 6 Year 2 Sophie Turner and Leanne Grabowski
Class 7 Year 4 Susan Cunningham (English lead) and Carla Noble
Class 8 Year 3 - 4 Jo Maddick, Heidi Wooldridge and Shelley Doyle
Class 9 Year 3 Zoe Merriman and Sue Bown
Class 10 Year 5/6 Martin Lees, Bina Mistry (SENCO) and Alison Brown
Class 11 Year 5 - 6 Leighvi Bailey, Deborah Houlton and Glenys Brown
Class 12 Year 6 Laura Smith and Kimberley Halford
Other Teachers Will Wellsford, Lesley Allenby and Charlotte Kemble
PE & Sports Specialist Oli Brewin of Metcalf Sports
Computer Manager Ian Payne
Premises Team Michael Shaw, Emma Jarram, Amy Cheetham and Barbara Betts-Clarke
Lunchtime Team Staci Williamson, Donna Smith, Kath Sharpe, Emma Quance, Joanne Graham, Sally Parker and Michelle Long.