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Our Ethos

'Respect and Nurture'
'Enrichment from Enthusiasm'
'Inspiration from Perseverance'
'Empowerment through Cooperation'
'Achievement through Concentration'

Bag Packing at Morrisons

On Tuesday 8th December 12 children from Class 10 took up the opportunity to help Morrisons raise money for the ‘Sue Ryder’ charity by getting involved in some bag packing.  After a brisk walk up to Morrisons we were welcomed by Julie, the Morrisons Community Worker, who welcomed us into the store. With our reindeer antlers on, we were all ready and into the Christmas spirit.

In our pairs we stood at the checkout to welcome customers offering them our help to pack their shopping bags in return for a small donation to ‘Sue Ryder’. All the children were very bubbly and enthusiastic, wishing customers a ‘Merry Christmas.’ Not one loaf of bread was squashed!!!

We also had the opportunity to taste some freshly baked chocolate-chip Panettone. Steve, one of the Morrisons bakers, shared his early starts and how to bake bread.

If only you could have heard the wonderful carol singing. It was only Mrs Mistry who was a little out of tune!  Morrisons staff were very complimentary about our children and their superb behaviour. They represented Stonebow perfectly and Morrisons can’t wait to have us back again.

Steve the Baker