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Children's Mental Health Week - 2019

This week (04.02.19 – 10.02.19) is Children’s Mental Health Week and in honour of this, Mrs Bailey and all of the children have been having lots of discussions around this topic. We have spoken about how we keep our bodies fit and healthy through foods and exercises and linked them to our PE sessions in school, but we have also discussed what it means to keep our hearts, minds, thoughts and feelings healthy too. The children were so mature during this conversation and made Mrs Bailey VERY proud! We then all took part in 15 minutes of meditated breathing exercises – again – every single person in the room took it so seriously and made Mrs Bailey and Mrs Bown extremely happy!

We all felt so calm and relaxed afterwards and some children even said they were going to try it again at home. A very successful day! Well done everybody and remember, if ever your thoughts wander… Come back into the moment and focus on your breathing!

Also remember… Mrs Bailey is ALWAYS here to listen to anything, no matter how big or small. This goes for all adults in school too, so don’t be afraid to reach out to us if you need to.