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Class 6. Mrs Kemble & Mrs Pitchers

Welcome to Class 6

Our Teaching Team:

Charlotte Kemble (Class teacher Monday and Tuesday)

Jennie Pitchers (Class teacher Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Rachael Sykes (Learning support assistant)

Other adults who teach us once a week are: Lesley Allenby (French), Will Welsford (music) and Oli Brewin (PE)

Welcome to Class 6 where 25 very enthusiastic and resilient Y2 children work hard every day to learn new things and develop new skills. We work closely with Class 5, the other Y2 class, to cover the curriculum in as exciting a way as possible, with interesting topics to engage our learners.

Spring Term:

This term our topics are “Wheels” and “Food and Farming”, and we will be using these as the basis for most of our class work.

In English we are using the stories “Mrs Armitage on Wheels” and “Fantastic Mr Fox” as a stimulus for our own narrative writing. We are also studying and writing poetry inspired by vehicles, and writing non-chronological reports about foxes. We are very enthusiastic readers in Y2, who share stories as a whole class as well as in guided reading groups. We read a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

In maths we are revisiting all the topics from the Autumn term, working on broadening our thinking and developing our reasoning skills.

In science our topics are: Living things and their habitats (how we can tell if a plant or animal is living, in what kinds of habitats we could find them and how a food chain is formed), and Animals including humans (what animals need to survive, how they reproduce, what their basic needs are and why humans need to keep clean, exercise and have a balanced diet to stay healthy).

In other topic work we are studying the history of transport (in particular cars and trains), and making moving model vehicles and observational drawings. We are also learning about where our food come from (including how these foods reach us from where they are produced), and recreating some pictures by Van Gogh.