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Our Ethos

'Respect and Nurture'
'Enrichment from Enthusiasm'
'Inspiration from Perseverance'
'Empowerment through Cooperation'
'Achievement through Concentration'

Creative Homework

The creative homework for the Spring term was to either design a propaganda poster,  a child's toy, a movie poster or create a typical wartime meal, using rationed foods available during World War II.

For his homework, Daniel made a fabulous 'Woolton Pie' for the whole class to share. This is a pastry dish full of garden vegetables including; carrots, parsnips and cauliflower and was very popular during the Second World War.  It arrived in school one morning, still warm from the oven, for us all to have a taste.  You can see from the expression on the children's faces whether they enjoyed the pie! Miss Holmes found it very yummy. Thank you Daniel for sharing this with the class.











Courtney, Roza and Darcie have also been busy making toys and baking wartime recipes.









We had some more fabulous contributions to the homework task, see the brilliant efforts by our class.