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Our Ethos

'Respect and Nurture'
'Enrichment from Enthusiasm'
'Inspiration from Perseverance'
'Empowerment through Cooperation'
'Achievement through Concentration'

Design Technology

During our ‘Out of This World’ topic we watched videos about life aboard the International Space Station. We learnt that storage space is limited and how the astronauts prevent their belongings from floating away!

Knowing our children would be keen to continue writing during their stay, they were set the task of designing a storage unit for their stationery.

  • First we studied a variety of storage containers from tool boxes to jewellery boxes. We thought about who the product had been designed for and the quantity and size of the items being stored.
  • Next came the design phase deciding which items they required and how best to arrange them.
  • There was a choice of Velcro, magnetic strip and pipe cleaners to secure each item.
  • At each stage we discussed potential problems and how these could be overcome.
  • It was great to see children applying their Maths skills - accurate measurements, nets to construct cubes and cuboids etc.
  • The final stage was evaluating the end product; deciding which features worked well and any changes which could improve the design.  

‘Next time I would improve my storage unit by not using too much Sellotape’ – Romeo Beeby

It's great to hear that lots of you build things or make models at home. Email me photographs of your constructions and we could add them to our class page.

  • ‘I will use more glue because it kept falling off’ – William Webster
  • I would change the position of the pipe cleaners’ – Scarlett Lavelle
  • ‘Next time I would score the edges of my box so each edge was sharp’ – Paige Partridge
  • ‘I really like the caution tape because it will be easy to spot in space’ – Avni Gokal
  • ‘Next time I’m going to glue the ugly side of the toothpaste box facing down’ – Lara Ninan
  • ‘I would move the glue stick up so I could open the pencil holder easier’ – Daisy Donnellon
  • ‘A positive feature of my design is that I could fit everything in’ – Ross Flynn
  • ‘I would change the arrangement of each component because not everything fits’ – Martha Dodds
  • ‘Next time I would make my ruler parallel’ – Megan Burgess
  • ‘I enjoyed this task and I was surprised at how well each compartment worked’ – Olivia Hutchinson
  • ‘I would paint the pencil box a bright colour if I did it again’ – Kimi Palfreyman
  • ‘I would move the pipe cleaner up because the scissors are hanging off’ – Luca Patrick
  • ‘Next time I would make sure that you can’t see my name on the two boxes’ – Molly Parker