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Our Ethos

'Respect and Nurture'
'Enrichment from Enthusiasm'
'Inspiration from Perseverance'
'Empowerment through Cooperation'
'Achievement through Concentration'


Week commencing: 03.04.17

After watching The Jungle Book, the children have been working on writing their own setting description of two contrasting scenes from the movie.  They have been creating expanded noun phrases, adding personification and similies and including interesting adjectives to ensure the reader is fully emersed in the setting and able to picture what is happening and how the characters might be feeling - creating the atmosphere.













Week commencing: 06.03.17

In preparation for writing a balanced argument, we have been discussing the reasons for and against building a zoo in our local area.  The children were placed into small groups of people who each have strong opinions regarding this.  These include: local builders, elderly residents, local councillors, animal activists, conservationists and local school children.

During a debate, which was staged in our classroom, both sides of the argument were discussed and a final decision was reached.

Here are some of our arguments for and against:

Conservationist Amanda - "The zoo will help protect endangered species with their  breeding programme."

Farmer Jordan - "Destroying local farmlands will destroy the natural habitats of many other animals."

Bed & Breakfast owner Sophie - "More people will visit the area and stay at our B&B which will help our businesses and the local community."

Elderly Resident Amelia - "Our town will get busier and noisier and there will be more litter."










What do you think?

Week commencing: 06.02.17

This week we have been looking at the difference between statements and commands.

Statements are sentences that tell you something and end with a full stop.

A command is a sentence that tells you to do something, they are often urgent or angry and include an imperative verb. For example; close the door, tidy your room, stop what you are doing and pick up that book.

However, if a sentence includes a 'modal' verb then it is not a command, it is a statement.

I want you to tidy your room when we get home. - Ask your chid to tell you whether this is a statement or command and how they know?






IWith our learning partner we had lots of fun playing a game to see who could answers the most correct questions about the different types of sentences.

Week commencing: 23.01.17

This week class 12 have been looking at conjunctions and connectives; the difference between them and also adding them to our writing to make it more cohesive.







"A conjunction joins 2 clauses and a connective joins 2 sentences (or paragraphs)"  Robin.

Ask your children to explain the difference between a 'co-ordinating' conjunction and a 'subordinating' conjuction. 

What does the acronym FANBOYS stand for and how does it help them remember which conjunctions are which?