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Home Learning Downloads

The school is in the process of developing a remote learning protocol, which will allow pupils who are self-isolating to continue their learning at home.  This will be in place after the upcoming half term holiday.  In the meantime, some pupils have already accessed learning remotely, by continuing our use of Tapestry and Google Classroom, which was successful during Spring and Summer terms.  It is unlikely we will be able to distribute hard copy work books, as we did over the Summer, as any partial or full closure would be as a result of a case of Covid 19.

We have created a survey to check on your ability to access Tapestry and Google Classroom remotely.  If you could complete this promptly, it would be appreciated.

On Weduc. Go to Forms and complete Technology available at home……

The information you provide will not be shared and will only be used to enable us to provide additional support wherever required.

We would strongly recommend logging in with your children at home if you have not yet done so.  For any further help with this, please use the link below:

Help sheets for Google Classroom and Tapestry are below.

Guide for parents to access Classroom/tapestry at home.  Click Here.