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Mrs Garton - 56JG

Teaching team:

Mrs Garton (Class teacher)

Mrs Wooldridge (Learning Support Assistant)

Welcome to our class. We are a class of 30 Year 5 and 6 children who are all ready and eager to learn. We are all unique and we respect and recognise our individual strengths and talents within the class.

This Term:

Our topic is this term is the Ancient Greeks.  We will be finding out about life in Ancient Greece and also their beliefs.  Our topic also runs through our English lessons - we are currently writing a Greek Myth using the story of Pandora’s Box for inspiration.

Class book: Who Let the Gods Out by Maz Evans.

Elliot's mum is ill and his home is under threat, but a shooting star crashes to earth and changes his life forever. The star is Virgo - a young Zodiac goddess on a mission. But the pair accidentally release Thanatos, a wicked death daemon imprisoned beneath Stonehenge, and must then turn to the old Olympian gods for help. After centuries of cushy retirement on earth, are Zeus and his crew up to the task of saving the world - and solving Elliot's problems too?

Mathematics. The children will be in different groups for Maths and taught by either Mrs Street, Mrs Garton, Mrs Mistry, Mrs Bailey or Mrs Brown.

Science. Our topic for science this term is Earth and Space.  We have already had a lively class debate about the evidence that the Earth is approximately spherical and not flat!

Tuesday afternoons. On a Tuesday afternoon the children will have French, music and PE with Madame Allenby, Mr Welsford and Mr Martin. There will be two sessions each afternoon and these will rotate so that the children will get an even amount of all three subjects.


PE. In addition to our Tuesday afternoon PE, we will also have PE on a Monday afternoon.  It is essential that a full PE kit is in school all week as we may need to change our days around occasionally.


Home learning.  This remains a key part of our children’s education this will include; reading comprehension and maths tasks; a creative project every half term and weekly practise and assessment of spellings and times tables.