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Our Ethos

'Respect and Nurture'
'Enrichment from Enthusiasm'
'Inspiration from Perseverance'
'Empowerment through Cooperation'
'Achievement through Concentration'

Our Christmas Performance 2015

We have recently performed our annual Christmas play, 'A Miracle in Town!'  along with Classes 3, 4 and 5.  Children in Class 6 were narrators, villagers, Mary, Joseph, the donkey, servants, camels and kings. They did a wonderful job! 

Take a look at what Ellianna and Holly thought... 

'On Wednesday and Thursday we did a nativity play. My costume had a long blue dress the colour was wite and gold. I was Mary and Jacob was Joseph Alfy was the donkey. my faviate song was A mircle in town and my faviate bit was when we were siting in the stable.' - Ellianna

'On Wednesday and Thursday we preformed a show of the first Christmas. I was a camal and I was the darkist camal. Lucus and Vilat were camls as well. My toge (tongue) was on my forhead on a masc. My nose was just abuth on the masc.' - Holly


Class 6 on the staging.