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Our friends in Bulgaria

In February 2018 we received a letter from Panayot Volov School in Shumen, Bulgaria inviting us to establish a connection with the pupils there. 

On 1st March, Bulgarians celebrate a holiday called Baba Marta.  On this day, all Bulgarian people adorn themselves with 'martenitsas' which are symbols of Spring.  A martenitsa is made of red and white wool.  The red colour is a symbol of blood and life, the white is a symbol of happiness and purity.  People wear a martenitsa like a badge until they see a stork or a tree in blossom.  Then they tie the martenitsa onto a flowering tree or shrub.  When people give martenitsas to each other, they wish health and fruitfulness.  We were sent some martenitsas as a gift and each of our World Explorers received one.  We will tie the rest of the martenitsas onto the trees in the school grounds as soon as we spot some blossom.

Because spring has now arrived at Stonebow, we hung our Martenitsas on the blossomed trees in front othe school and in the playground.