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Phrase of the week

lundi 29 octobre

A plus tard

This means ‘See you later’

It is pronounced ‘a ploo tar’


lundi 15 octobre

A bientôt!’ which means ‘See you soon!’ 

It is pronounced ’a bee an toe’


lundi 8 octobre

s’il vous plaît’ and ‘s’il te plaît’ which both mean ‘please’. 

You would use ‘s’il vous plaît’ when speaking to someone formally, speaking to more than one person or speaking to elders.  You would use ‘s’il te plaît’ when speaking to friends or family.

They are pronounced ’see voo play’ and ‘see t play’.


lundi premier octobre

merci’ which means ‘Thank you’.

It is pronounced mer-see’


lundi 24 septembre 2018

Au revoir’ which means ‘Goodbye’.

It is pronounced Oh revwar’.  The ‘ar’ at the end of the word is the same as in ‘star’.


lundi 17 septembre 2018


This phrase means Hi’

 It is pronounced ‘Sa - loo’

Each week I will let you know the word or phrase for the coming week via the letter in your child’s Reading Journal, it can also be found on the school website under ELearning – French – Phrase of the Week.   For those of you in Year 4, 5 or 6 these phrases will be very familiar as you should recognise them from last year.  The intention is that by the end of Year 6 the children will leave Stonebow with a good phrase bank ready for their language learning at secondary school and to use if they travel to a French speaking country.