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Termly Planning and Home Learning


Year One

Topic – Bonjour! (Autumn Term 2)

This topic will be the first taste of French for the children.  We will learn how to greet each other, ask each other how we are feeling and say our name in French.

Year Two

Topic – Une année avec Mamouna (Autumn Term 2)

We will use the story book ‘Une année avec Mamouna’ as the inspiration for our learning in this topic.  We will be learning how to say the months of the year in French as well as numbers to 20.


In KS2 we will begin the year by recapping previous knowledge and focussing on using key phrases in different contexts, enabling the children to apply their knowledge to express themselves more confidently.  We will then begin work on the following topics.

Year 3/4

Topic – Quelle est la date et Quel temps fait-il?

Following a revision of familiar key words and phrases we will learn how to describe weather conditions in French.  We will also be looking at map of France and learning how to pronounce the names of major towns and cities across the country.

Year 5/6

Topic – Tu es comment?

Following a revision of familiar key words and phrases, we will be focusing on physical and personal descriptions in the first and third person.



Year One

Topic – La chenille qui fait des trous

Children will be introduced to numbers to ten and days of the week in French using the familiar story of 'The Hungry Caterpillar' to embed this knowledge.

Year Two

Topic – Dans la salle de classe

At the end of this topic the children will be able to understand simple classroom instructions in French and will be able to name common items of stationery.

Year 3/4

Topic – Je m'habille

The children will use bilingual dictionaries to look for the meaning of French words for clothing.  They will be introduced to masculine and feminine forms and will build sentences to explain what they wear in different weather conditions - this will further embed the work done on weather in the previous topic.

Year 5/6

Topic – A l'ecole

To begin this topic the children will find out about the differences between the English and French school systems.  We will then move on to name different school subjects before building sentences to give our opinion about these subjects.




For French phonics -

To practise days of the week -

To practise numbers 1 to 10 -

To watch videos about colours -