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Termly Planning and Home Learning 2020/2021


Year One

Topics – Bonjour! and La chenille qui fait des trous

This topic will be the first taste of French for the children.  We will learn how to greet each other, ask each other how we are feeling and say our name in French.  We will also learn how to count to ten in French.  As Christmas approaches we will think about our British traditions and compare them with a traditional French Christmas.

Year Two

Topic – Une année avec Mamouna

We will use the story book ‘Une année avec Mamouna’ as the inspiration for our learning in this topic.  We will be learning how to say the months of the year in French as well as numbers to 20.  This vocabulary will help us to say the date of our birthday in French.


In KS2 we will begin the year by recapping previous knowledge and focussing on using key phrases in different contexts, enabling the children to apply their knowledge to express themselves more confidently.  We will then begin work on the following topics.

Year 3/4

Topic – As-tu un animal?

Following a revision of familiar key words and phrases we will learn the names of common pets in French before branching out to describe rainforest animals (to link with the class topic).

Year 5/6

Topic – Le sport, c'est fantastique!

Following a revision of familiar key words and phrases, we will be focusing on the names of sports in French and giving our opinions about different leisure activities.