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Our Ethos

'Respect and Nurture'
'Enrichment from Enthusiasm'
'Inspiration from Perseverance'
'Empowerment through Cooperation'
'Achievement through Concentration'

Victorian day at Beaumanor Hall 27th October 2016

The year 1 children have been back in time to the Victorian era, and have experienced what it was like to be a child in those days. 

Our first experience was in the Victorian school room which was rather strict! We had to line up outside in lines of boys and girls to have our hands inspected. Dirty fingernails would have been punished, and nail polish was definitely not allowed!

Inside the school room the girls sat on one side and the boys on the other. The desks were very different from ours, all in rows and with lids that lifted up, but no-one fiddled with their desks in those days! The school teacher was very strict and children were not allowed to talk, fidget, ask questions or slouch. 

Everyone was most attentive! 






Victorian children learned to write with pens which they dipped in ink. Writing with your left hand was not allowed. Watch out for that cane!






There should also be no smudges on the paper, and no more than three splots of ink left on your hands. Oh dear…

The “school teacher” may have been stern in the school room, but she assured us that she was nice really!










After we had experienced the Victorian school classroom, we went to see what life was like for children whose families could not afford to send them to school. In the Victorian times, Beaumanor Hall was home to a wealthy family, and our children had to imagine they worked in the “big house” back then. They helped dress the ladies and gentlemen of the house, and also washed the clothes and did the ironing the Victorian way.
















It was extremely hard work being a Victorian child, but we also discovered that, just like us, Victorian children loved to play!


We had a wonderful day!