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Our Ethos

'Respect and Nurture'
'Enrichment from Enthusiasm'
'Inspiration from Perseverance'
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World Poetry Day - Haiku Competition

Thursday 21st March is World Poetry Day, the Word Wizards have teamed up with the Eco Warriors and have organised an environmental Haiku competition.

As the Eco Warriors explained, you might want to write about the issue of crisp packets not being make some suitable poems to decorate the crisp packet bin.

Or you could write about other issues we've discussed such as plastic and palm oil.  Here are the examples from the assembly.....

A concrete jungle                (5 syllables)
This is my environment       (7 syllables)
Hopeful for clean, green     (5 syllables)

Recycle everyone                            (5 syllables)
Trash takes long to decompose      (7 syllables)
Inspire generation                           (5 syllables)

The Word Wizards and Eco Warriors will organise entry forms, where you need to write your name and class along with your House. 

Mr Brockless will organise prizes.  Entries need to be in by Friday 29th March!

The team have been busy organising the competition.

Here are some of our entries, aren't they brilliant?

Freya KS2

Come on everyone (5)

We’ll save the environment (7)

So the world is clean (5)


Maisie KS2

Keep our planet clean (5)

Keep our environment safe (7)

We all love nature (5)


Ayan  KS2

The beautiful trees (5)

In two weeks they will be gone (7)

This shouldn’t happen (5)


Amara KS2

Plastic pollution (5)

We all have so much to lose (7)

Don’t let the world lose (5)


Annabelle KS2

Let’s save our planet (5)

Do not waste paper at all (5)

Plastic is so bad (5)


Beth KS1 

Recycle reuse (5)

Don’t drop rubbish on the floor (7)

Put it in the bin (5)


Isla KS1

Plastic pollution (5)

This is our environment(7)

Recycle everyone(5)


Harjot KS2

You should save not waste(5)

Stop wasting mother nature(7)

Lets save the nature(5)