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Our Ethos


Class 3/4AW - Otters

Class 3/4 AW Otters

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Year 3/4 Information

  • The Year 3-4 team comprises three classes of mixed Y3/4 children:
  • 3-4MLFP Kestrels– Mr Martin Lees and Mrs Fiona Panni - class teachers
  • 3-4AW Otters – Mrs. Amy Welstead- class teacher
  • 3-4 HKH Woodpeckers– Mrs. Hannah Kendrick-Holmes-class teacher
  • Our support team: Mrs Carla Noble & Mrs Rachael Turgoose
  • Our support team are flexible and work across all classrooms periodically either as one-to-one support or teaching small groups of children.
  • Our senior TA, Mrs. Noble, steps up to teach full classes periodically as the need arises.

Topics for the year




The Stone Age



Loughborough our Town

Class timetables