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Our Ethos


Class Miss Logue


Welcome to Hedgehog Class. We are a class of thirty happy and enthusiastic Year 2 children.
Miss Logue is the class teacher, however Miss Turner will also teach groups of children too. Miss Sykes, Mrs O’Connell and Miss Brown also support and help us to learn in the Key Stage 1 area. On Thursday afternoons, music is taught by Mr Will Welsford and Mr Marchington teaches one of the PE sessions. Another lesson is also taught on Fridays.
We are learning together how we can ‘grow our brains’ by challenging ourselves and thinking about our learning powers. Making mistakes is not a problem in our classroom and we believe that we can achieve whatever we want if we continue to work hard and try our best.
Our topic for this half-term is ‘Our School’, followed by ‘Light and Colour’ during the second half-term. We are looking forward to learning about how our school has changed and its location within our town, country and continent.
We also have daily Read Write Inc phonics lessons where we learn about all of the sounds that we need to read and write. We try hard to use what we have learnt in our English sessions each morning and we also practise letter formation and handwriting here too. In mathematics, we are taught in our year groups and use lots of resources to help us to learn (such as Numicon, Base 10, ten frames and counters, place value
grids, Multilink, etc) and we try hard to use our skills and explain our thinking. We also have shorter, fifteen-minute maths lessons where we practise the foundations of number too. On Monday afternoons, we are learning about ‘Everyday Materials’ (Year 1) and ‘Uses of Everyday Materials’ (Year 2). We learn about our history, geography, art and design and technology during our work linked to our topic on Wednesday afternoons. On Thursday afternoons, we learn about ourselves, emotions and relationships in PSHE and religions in RE. On Friday afternoons, we enjoy learning outside at Forest School with Mrs Noble.