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Foundation Stage - EYFS

Our foundation classes have their own building in the grounds of the school

EYFS staff plan the learning through topics based on the children’s interests, which last up to six weeks. We frequently use stories to bring our topics to life.  During our school day we have lots of opportunities to develop our knowledge and skills and there is a good mix of adult led and child led activities.  Children have many exciting and stimulating activities to get involved in and our days are very busy. 

We recognise that young children need to be active and therefore we frequently go outdoors to take part in activities that involve reading, writing, listening, counting and many other skills.  We could teach these skills in a passive way but know that children learn better when they are active and having fun.  We have a variety of outdoor areas to learn in, and we take advantage of any opportunity to explore the beautiful countryside that surrounds our school. 

Our Early Years curriculum is continually evolving to meet the needs of the children.  We are currently developing our outdoor area so that children can independently access resources, experience the elements and undertake activities that encourage creative thinking and problem solving.  We are in the process of creating our very own Mud Kitchen which the children will have a great time using to create all manner of muddy feasts.

See our information page for useful booklets.