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Our Ethos


KS2 Inclusive Festival

On Tuesday 15th November Stonebow were represented at the KS2 Inclusive Festival where the Children took part in 8 different activities throughout the morning.

Upon arrival the children were very excited to get started with the morning’s activities. Once entering the sports hall the children could see all the different activities they were going to take part in during the morning. These activities were centred around two sports: Boccia and New Age Kurling.

The focus of the event was to allow the children to take part in sports they may not have had the chance to before and there was no competitive element. Even though there was no 1st place up for grabs, the children still tried their very best to score as many points as possible in each event.

All of the activities the children took part in focused on different skills of Boccia and New Age Kurling. Some activities consisted of getting your stone as close to the middle of the target as you can, knocking other stones off of the target, rolling a Boccia ball across a bench and trying to make it land on a target at the other end and knocking other balls out of a hoop to score points; just to name a few! All of the children performed their best and scored some very high points in each event.

During each event the children cheered on their teammates and helped each other out if they may have struggled with one activity. The children showed great use of their Stonebow Powers whilst at the event and represented Stonebow brilliantly all morning. Well done to all that took part!