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Our Ethos



Mathematics at Stonebow

Mathematics lessons at Stonebow promote learning for mastery.  We endeavour to instil growth mindset principles, to promote an ‘I can’ attitude so that concepts can be understood, applied and mastered through continued effort, practise, perseverance and positivity.

Lessons are planned considering the five big ideas of mastery and in sequences using small, careful steps to work towards achieving a secure and deep conceptual understanding that can be applied in other contexts. Children are taught to represent their thinking in a variety of ways, using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods and representations.

For further information on our aims and visions for mathematics, please see PDF below.

‘Maths with Michael’ series from White Rose Maths

Here at Stonebow, White Rose Maths is one of our core teaching resources. Parents often share how much mathematics has ‘changed’ over time and enquire about the best ways to support at home. White Rose Maths has worked with children’s television presenter and now primary school teacher, Michael Underwood, to develop a series designed for parents. The series shares some of the representations that children might encounter as they learn in school and how you can support your child in their learning. The series consists of seven videos and also includes a parent guide with useful resources to use at home.

The videos and parent guides are available at .

As described above, the children are taught, encouraged and challenged to represent their thinking using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods and representations. The calculation policy document for parents below outlines some of the representations and strategies that your child is taught in school. Please note that these are not exhaustive for each year group and the children will also continue to use and build upon the representations and methods taught in previous year groups too. The Homelinks and weekly updates sent by your child’s teacher via Tapestry or Google Classroom will also include further details about what the children have covered in maths that week, including key representations and strategies.