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This is where you will find all the latest news from Stonebow, inlcuding copies of our newsletter, forthcoming events in the school calendar, whole school activities and fundraising events.  

      A Group of children recently took part in the                 3M Aerotech Challenge. 

See their video and feedback below.

Thanks so much for sending in the AeroTech Challenge materials for the Stonebow team. Please find attached the children's Young Innovators Challenge certificates. We have applied for their CREST Discovery Award certificates and these will be sent to you directly by the British Science Association.

Unfortunately we didn't have enough entries submitted after lockdown to be able to properly judge and award prizes, but the judges have reviewed the entries we did receive (which were fantastic!) and given the following feedback. We are really hoping we can run the Challenge in person next year and see some of these planes, gliders and rockets in action.

Stonebow Primary School
This was a clear and well-structured presentation, demonstrating a good range of ideas, clear planning, and a well-documented step-by-step record of prototyping and development.  The plentiful photos and videos helped give a real feel for the work that had gone into the model and the videos were especially effective in this lockdown period in helping us engage with the team and the performance of their aircraft. The distance of over 16m with a weight of 10-15g, showed excellent engineering skill as keeping weight down is very important for an effective design. An excellent 'SWOT' analysis of the aircraft was carried out, together with lots of research into many different glider propulsion systems. Good time management is a vital skill for engineers and therefore the time plan dates and objectives were a good addition to the presentation. The overall design, using very simple materials, showed a great understanding of rocket design using two wing sections; a very long narrow nose cone as well as the final addition of the vertical stabiliser. The team used prototyping to overcome challenges and significantly improve the design from the first test.
The videos led by the students took a lot of confidence and conveyed a good understanding of engineering principles, even in the trials when they were not speaking directly to camera.
The Stonebow team should be very proud of this fantastic piece of work. It would be great to hear if you had any ideas for further development to reach 20m that you could have explored if you'd had more time.  The smooth launch track looks effective - could you shape it at all to keep the rocket centred and make sure it launches straight?  Have you explored different launching angles?  Do the viewing windows have any noticeable impact on aerodynamics? 

Well done!

Thank you for your support of the 3M Young Innovators Challenge and we look forward to Stonebow taking part again next year.

Kind regards

3M Young Innovators Challenge

Each Child also received a certificate.


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