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Our Ethos


Our Vision & Intent

Building Bridges to a Brighter Future

Our Vision

A nurturing and empowering school, where all children achieve their potential through rich, high quality learning experiences in partnership with parents and the wider community.


Perseverance – never giving up even if things get tough

Concentration – focussing and resisting distraction

Curiosity – asking questions and wondering why

Co-operation – learning together and from each other

Respect – a positive way of treating or thinking of someone or something

Enthusiasm – being excited to learn

Statement of Intent

  • Stonebow prioritises the safeguarding and well-being of all pupils and staff, in a nurturing and supportive environment where pupils feel safe and secure to learn.
  • Respect underpins a culture of high expectations of behaviour and positive attitudes to learning. We actively care about the environment, too, and respect our surroundings.
  • Stonebow provides a high quality curriculum through inspirational teaching and learning, building firm foundations for later life.
  • All children are given the opportunity to achieve their potential, through firm foundations in the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Mathematics and a broad knowledge and skill set across the wider curriculum.
  • We create opportunities for children to develop ‘cultural capital’ through visits and visitors which enrich the curriculum, and through extra-curricular arts and sporting activities.
  • Stonebow children are empowered to learn through independent discovery. We encourage a ‘growth mindset’, supporting children to become enthusiastic, curious and perseverant learners.
  • Children will leave Stonebow Primary School as well rounded, confident individuals, prepared for the next phase of their education – and a ‘brighter future!’