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Our Ethos




We believe that PSHE has a special place in education and in society. A high-quality education in PSHE will help children to develop social skills to recognise people’s feelings and respond appropriately. It will help them to develop social skills to interact with others and to form good relationships. Children will explore diversity in today’s society helping them to develop an awareness for other cultures, religions and beliefs.


Our aim for PSHE at Stonebow is to provide children with the social skills to form good relationships and to respect others.  We aim to ensure that all pupils:

  • Understand what it means to belong to a community and to have an awareness of diversity in today’s society.
  • Understand how to form good relationships in school and to respect each other.
  • Understand how to stay safe including online safety.

IMPLEMENTATION - How we do it at Stonebow

PSHE will be taught as a discrete subject once a week or through cross-curricular lessons at Stonebow. Assemblies will also be used as an extra opportunity for PSHE teaching, all classes will participate in class assemblies using Newsround or Espresso News as a tool/resources to hook the children's learning. During events such as anti-bullying week, assemblies will be used to raise awareness and to remind the children how to respond if this is happening. Teachers will also have an afternoon off timetable during that week to focus on anti-bullying. We will also use outside agencies and organisations to enrich the PSHE opportunities. For example, Bikeability, Life Education Van and visitors to the school.

IMPACT - Assessment of outcomes

  • Teachers will observe the children during classroom based activities to identify broad vocabulary; confident speech and a love of reading.
  • Teachers will examine the quality of children’s work from the lesson in their books and through the oral work/discussions within lessons.
  • Teachers will assess children at the end of every year to see if they are WT, EXS or GDS on the learning objectives for that year group