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World Space Week 2022

World Space Week 2022

On Monday 3rd October 2022, our wonderful Stonebow Scientists bravely led two different assemblies; one for KS1 and another for KS2. Our Scientists worked extremely hard and used their own time to research the different planets in our solar system before choosing which bits of information they wanted to share with the different Key Stages.

Alongside Mrs Bailey, our Scientists have come up with some activities for each year group to complete based on a specific planet. Some of these ideas include: creating a 3D planet, using playdoh and clay to represent the solar system, designing a brand new planet with creatures that could survive on it, poetry writing, setting descriptions and many more. We are going to complete these activities in November, close to World Science Day (10/11/22). We will report back with our amazing creations soon!

Well done Stonebow Scientists!







World Space Week in KS1

World Space Week in KS2